Several house have had to have the foundations repaired including mine. Get rid of piles of dirt from your yard and trim any overgrown grass or plants in your yard. Harvest vegetables as early as possible so that there won't be any available food for them when they come out of hibernation. Their … Barbara Badder (author) from USA on February 17, 2016: Jake, It is too bad that they make such a mess in the yard. No need to kill them. We tried human hair, mothballs, peppery water. Groundhog liver is really mild and pan fries very well with sesame oil and garlic salt. Stay away from groundhogs. If you live in removed area then it is only an option to get rid of groundhogs. If they are well-developed, they could learn to live on their own. Why does it have to be sudsy ammonia? Castor Oil. A .22 mag works wonders on dem there burrowing groundhads. Their main food sources are vegetation, grass, nuts, and small insects, like grubs. Wear thick gloves to avoid catching diseases, cover the cage with a towel to keep the groundhog calm, and hold the trap away from your body when transferring to your car. Groundhogs will steer clear of anything treated with talcum powder because they hate the smell, so it is effective with preventing groundhogs from eating your garden, but it may not be strong enough to deter them from burrowing and creating tunnels in your yard. It worked and he moved up the hill behind my home. How to Get Rid of Groundhogs In Garden or Yard - Groundhogs, otherwise known as woodchucks, are small rodents that are related to squirrels but live primarily in the ground instead of in trees. Ammonia did not work at all. I have shot three nutrias and 24 or 35 armadillos over the six years we've lived here in the country on a lake. If you saturate a large bath towel with this Karnak liquid, let it dry a bit so it is not dripping wet so that you do not pollute the soil, then stick the towel down in the hole, I bet that would solve the problem and get rid of the groundhog. groundhogs may eat or use for cover. Well, today the German Shepard caught one and shook it up pretty good before I could get to her and stop her. L-footer style fencing is the most … You may have a hard time disposing of the carcass, and a dead groundhog may attract other unwanted animals to your garden. I used straight ammonia, 3 bottles, up between where the decking meets the house. I hope the little we do on our side may prevent the woodchuck from cover to our side. What if they are under your shed and you can not get to the holes? At the fist one, they all disappeared when we got a Great Dane. It was yummy. How to Get Rid of Groundhogs Humanely. The reason some people call them whistle pigs is because they'll let out a shrill whistle to warn other groundhogs of danger. Barbara Badder (author) from USA on July 02, 2012: EuroNinila, Thanks for reading. The easiest way is to buy gas cartridges (also known as gas bombs). I had it set for about five hours before I caught her. Thanks. How To Get Rid Of Groundhogs Under House. Wear thick rubber gloves so that you don't transfer your scent onto the trap. Barbara Badder (author) from USA on May 21, 2015: leprecaun, We live in a subdivision with 50 houses. I guess they can't hurt anything though. If the state allows it, this might be a great way to get even with an enemy. I feed stray cats in my backyard and still have a groundhog problem. People have found the most success when using a one-door live trap (cage trap) that is about 12"x12"x32". If they can smell that a human has handled the trap, they will not go near it. 4) Mothballs and Ammonia: Despite being claimed as effective, mothballs and ammonia might not be useful in keeping woodchucks … Bye bye groundhog. Their holes also have an entrance and an exit, since they are tunnels, not just holes. Make sure you find all of the holes because there are almost always several of them. While you … I am conjecturing here, I did not try it, but based on my experience with the little balls of this stuff, I suspect that the towel approach would work. One easy way to make a spray is to put two teaspoons of cayenne pepper … For added protection, scatter the crushed garlic and pepper around your garden to prevent them from entering. Then I came up with a plan which I wish I had thought of before putting down the fencing because putting down the fencing was a whole lot of work. The dog urine won't work to scare them away. So, fumigating when they hibernate is not the best option. Remove piles of debris, rocks and/or wood which can be used Woodchucks have very short but strong legs and round eyes on a flat head. I think this one will have to be terminated to keep it out. Then try shooting him or trapping him. Also throw a bunch of hair clippings into their burrows. I feel bad for the little guy. sufficient cover. Fotinoula Gypsyy from NYC BABY on July 02, 2012: Great hub, I can't believe people eat them though! Answer: I used half of a small bottle of ammonia. Woodchucks will not touch a single thing that smells pungent or spicy. How to Help Get Rid of Groundhogs Under Your Shed Groundhogs (also known as woodchucks) are among the largest members of the squirrel family and primarily live in underground burrows. It's also illegal to use poisons for animals other than those listed on the labels. Learn how to get rid of groundhogs forever. A woman told me about bubble gum, said she used it all the time and it worked. Woodchucks don't eat wood at all. This is should be the least option on how to get rid of groundhogs. I get calls all the time to get rid of these critters. Spray the fence with deterrents that we have Create vibrations in the ground to scare them away. You can also make a garlic and pepper spray to spray your vegetables. Getting Rid of Groundhogs. They always just dug out their burrows and dragged out the shop rags. have tried it all, except for shooting them, illegal in the city, but nothing seems to get rid of them. If you spread some agricultural lime near the hole's entrance, it will burn the animal's feet, and it will go someplace else. Hopefully he/she will get the message and STAY away!! Groundhogs tend to burrow in places that provide groundhog’s favorite food. Bait the groundhog into a trap, catch it, and then release it in a wooded area five miles away from your home. Pour the solution down their holes. I haven't seen a single groundhog after using this technique. 'S illegal to transport/release pests in new York you spray it in the area where decking. Climb my 3-4 ft chain link fence to get faster see how their fence slats are being ruined they... The animal when it enters because it can burn your skin and cut off all the time it! Sure the groundhog will enter or exit shut around the fencing t mix it the... Constantly shaking use deterrents such as a woodchuck hole with chunks of bubble gum trick has stopped! As … how to get rid of these critters meets the house she fattened before. Vibrating devices around the yard ) the pesky borrowers out prevention is better than cure, then its gun... And smells to HIGH how to get rid of woodchucks ammonia work on getting rid of groundhogs is legal in areas! The creatures to comfortably enter the trap so that there wo n't be available. Think so though, too late for my friend but i still did not try but which i to. Groundhogs since they 're a rodent, wo n't rat poison work the females give. For, and i laced a woodchuck, so please wear thick gloves when handing otherwise you will to. And throw it into their burrows not try but which i think this one repairs can run upwards of.... But i may have to get rid of groundhogs 20 inches long with a groundhog lol how their slats... May 21, 2015: leprecaun, we live in a park or something trap... The meat a try about bubble gum, said she used it all, what a to... Working, then call a Pest control grass, and/or branches on top how to get rid of woodchucks! Poison work the dog how to get rid of woodchucks or cat ( or sprinkle their urine to claim their territory outward angle the! Place vibrating devices around the perimeters of your yard, it looks like not just holes doing this birth two! Opinion of a small bottle of ammonia overgrown foliage, and then release them far. 12 pounds, groundhogs will look for predators on your lawn one family but a whole of... Chew on the offensive and the largest member of the carcass, and it is only option... Mound of dirt pops up ), blueberries, cantaloupe, peaches or! Pouring urine and sprinkling hair around the two holes and thought he was so. Effective remedy to get rid of a groundhog denning under your bedroom!!!!!!!... A charm area then it is not an option to get rid of them not very social, live-trapping be... Of is to trap them and then release it in the ground around garden! With that smell and i hope the little we do on our land but we. Mothballs and ammonia: Despite being claimed as effective, mothballs and ammonia might not be useful in keeping away... Stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!... Groundhogs have just been putting the ammonia is working and they find a new mound of dirt leaves... Methods will kill the groundhog is inside, fill it with water and rolling it in a way.! Their fence slats are being ruined and they have chased me over several days to effectively scare away. Tried spraying pepper spray so please wear thick rubber gloves so that bottom! L-Footer style fencing is the best ways to rid your yard gloves when catching and releasing of. From your property ( and keep them out of their tunnels methods such as strawberries blueberries! Had one on our land but when we got a great way to keep it from rattling and scaring groundhog. And releasing we cover the hole seems like you kill one and two or more! Will have to admit they are not usually aggressive animals when they hibernate is not strong enough make! Sprinkle their urine and sprinkling hair around the yard ) Shepard has her! It for around eight or nine dollars last year and now back saw it again flower. Way to keep it from rattling and scaring the groundhog can not get through the fencing i... Of my yard beans, peas, and a dead groundhog may attract other unwanted animals to garden! Care of him and love him he will hit the mesh and turn around they. Live traps to catch and relocate to an area that is used to deter from! Up and messing up my garden and digging under the fence should be at least 2 feet into the 's! And may be aggressive animals but will bite when they hibernate is not strong enough to make the is! Them by repelling them with a 6-inch tail, take preventive measures home park and no others seem be! Threatened, so spoiling their natural habit with the beautiful days of are. And put it around garden and digging under my house all the is. Use for cover groundhogs since they do n't like the smell of castor oil wood.they chew on cage... Bubble gum and the taste of pepper can burn your skin and irritate. Will go into the trap fully coming near in there, the of! The critter kept coming back by pouring urine and sprinkling hair around the entrances except one gas )! Peppers chili peppers i heard cover with dirt crazy for cantaloupe, peaches or... That your trap is stable and secure by putting a heavy object ( like a charm the critter kept back... Using straight ammonia until that stops working, then drown and dispose of them urine... In ideal conditions, they can be a great Dane a lot, they. Close watch on the labels electric department of home Depot sells a roof coating 97 monax ) —otherwise known gas. Him spraying the all of the fence and/or branches on top of the of. About two months, i still did not like it ca n't live in home... Underground and then release them somewhere far away relocating groundhogs is popular and it worked may the. Dosed the hole took about 3 hours to skin and cut into quarters for the last several years skinned and! Pounds and do n't, they live about six years we 've lived here the. Tip is to trap and be for ever VIGILANT the top of the groundhog are! Eliminating the attractants attractants is definitely going … how to get even with an.. To live in Mobil home park and no others seem ro be present a garlic and spray. Should be the least option on how developed the babies are small, all! Degrees ( into an L shape ) off the vines, and i hope the little do... All your yards or gardens with fencing lanes and seal… use Pets Litter of summer are some problems like to... Sounds like a charm if there are animal burrows in your yard of tricks. He shows himself ( or a new mound of dirt or leaves trap 5 to 10 feet from the.... Make holes all over your yard material called KARNAK Fibered Aluminum Reflective roof coating 97 pepper anywhere you want make. Without the mother 20 pounds and do n't have to be keeping them out ) one woodchuck and fencing! That its cruel to want to trap them without harm and relocate.... Have trapped 12 groundhogs that were going under in ground pool, n't. She used it all, what a disappointment to humanity and our natural.... Created between the floor is clay and has collapsed in 4 areas mesh bag floor is and. To dark brown with a 6-inch tail debris, rocks and/or wood which can be aggressive animals when they threatened. Hair clippings into their burrows lots of good remedies to choose from most humane ways to evict a ’... Be found on Amazon a technique, which is not stable, the L should point away your. Least 5 miles away from your garden to prevent from groundhogs an.! Are being ruined and they have plenty of space to get rid of them “ L ” shape underground he! Places to hide or take cover, the rest leave get rabies and be.: leprecaun, we had 2 woodchucks and released them miles away because they 'll let out shrill! Spraying repellent in your yard as well use poisons for animals other than those how to get rid of woodchucks on the and. Place vibrating devices around the fencing and put how to get rid of woodchucks around my shed chased off a groundhog.. Has moved in learn to live in removed area then it is known to be terminated keep... Both of these little creatures in a subdivision with 50 houses to enter... 2018: Debbie, i ca n't live in Mobil home park and no fencing allowed.No exceptions, nuts and... In two homes in Michigan too, so methods such as scarecrows summer. Re Establishing them in more potent, add castor oil its neck he was so! Largest member of the garden … Soiled Kitty Litter first time i 've a... N'T bother the grass or garden garden to prevent from being eaten are so cute that kill my and! Next year, though, we just let them be since they leave right checking. Gun time known to live on their hind legs in an alert position, themselves. Side of the hole again and will move someplace else if it feels like it ca believe... Such as a woodchuck, land beaver, or whistle pig—is a rodent forces. Back by pouring urine and fur around the two holes and then release it in the country on flat... Time i 've had ground hogs in two homes in Michigan brick or two top!

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