Making Space I 2016

Making Space I Solo Durational Project I 2016

1After320 I New Delhi

Making Space was a time and space based project where within the duration of three months, the space was made anew with different site specific and time specific works. The foremost initiation in the project was division of the physical space into two halves- first half as thinking space and other half as canvas or paper.

The works made during project duration-

1- Line Drawing – The first work was an exercise in understanding the poetics and spatial narrative of the space. That came through by simply highlighting the existing lines – both structural and of elements. The space was transformed into a sketch book page as one sees from a distance and akin to a cardboard model when one enters it. 

Medium: Black Paint

2 – Notes on Movement: Performative Drawing –  The work is an extension from a previous work with similar title – Notes on Movement: Drawing. Both works uses drawing as a mediator to channelize movement in space.

This work is an act pf performance based on a set of instructions through form and process. The space and its constraint parameters becomes the generator of constraint forms. The body becomes the medium to create and erase the drawing simultaneously. Drawing is based on the set of precise instructions, both clockwise and anticlockwise, creating basic geometric forms (triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon) in a rhythmic pattern.


Clockwise – 3-4-5-6-7-8 (triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon)

Anti Clockwise – 8-7-6-5-4-3 (octagon, heptagon, hexagon, pentagon, square, triangle)

Clockwise – 4-5 (square, pentagon)

Anti Clockwise – 4 (square)

Clockwise – 5-6-7 (pentagon, hexagon, heptagon)

Anti Clockwise – 6-5 (hexagon, pentagon)

Clockwise – 6-7-8 (hexagon, heptagon, octagon)

Anti Clockwise – 7-6-5 (heptagon, hexagon, pentagon)

Clockwise – 6 (hexagon)

Anti Clockwise – 5-4 (pentagon, square)

Clockwise – 5 (pentagon)

Anti Clockwise – 4-3 (square, triangle)

3 – Drawing in Space – Drawing in space was a response to an existing question of “how to physically enter a drawing?” The 3 dimensional drawing on wall and ceiling invited the viewer to move around and engage with the multiple dimensions within the drawing. The drawing is site specific as it was built along with the structural elements like corners, columns etc.

Medium: Cycle Spokes, Nails, Paint, Thread

4 – Collaborative Drawing – With Hemant SK

5 – Durational Drawing

line drawing
collaborative drawing
notes on movement
drawing in space
durational drawing




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