Either of those revolvers cost me more than 4x what the new FACTORY 5 shot Ruger Super Blackhawks are costing. This would certainly be easier to stomach than even some of the “cheaper” options from FA. If you are referring to having a Bisley hammer fitted, Clements, Bowen, or several other smiths could do that for you. The .480 should be able to take that title, as its original Hornady loading of a 325gr JHP, easily surpasses factory loadings for the .44 Magnum, with very similar recoil in handguns of like weight.The future of this round remains cloudy. Very tough to choose but I will. (2) Lung Shots My point was most decent shots with hunting skills can do just about as much with a 45 LC cheaper and with less recoil. Twist: 1:18″ RH But I dont. I have three on order now. 44 rem mag - 7.5 inch barrel. They don’t last long. Ruger Super Blackhawk .480 Ruger (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com). The Ruger got its reputation as a working gun, but not necessarily as a beautiful one. Those guns may be pack guns, but they aren’t really belt guns. Wheel weighs, gas checks, and lots of gooey bullet lube. What hump?”. There were two roughly half-inch holes on either side of her body. The .480 Ruger Bisley is not a heavyweight. She dropped instantly. The .475 Linebaugh is essentially a blown out, cut down, .45-70 Government cartridge. Some of those bone handles and exotics are gorgeous, and I like the steel. Your email address will not be published. The foot pounds was second to the Buffalo Bore Barns 275 grain at a little over 1,400. There is a reason you see the cylinder throat and bore dimentions (I should have included the chamber throat as well). Main reasons, it’s paid for, and .44 mag hurts the wallet plenty, don’t need a round that I can’t find in my area. Assuming there is enough oxygen to function for 12 seconds, white-tailed deer can run a LONG ways in 12 seconds. And you can always fire lap it to improve the bore. Style and Appearance * * * Randall dealers only get so many. Yes they are better , they are bigger, more powerful,. They published a sister magazine the Accurate Rifle which was mostly oriented to big game hunting, mostly in Africa. When you’re delivering a pistol round that capable of delivering 1,000 ft/lbs of energy at 100 yards, 5 rounds is enough. The single action trigger pull averages at 3 lbs. That’s too bad, because it’s an outstanding cartridge, but maybe the Super Blackhawk Bisley is the right vehicle to drive interest back into Ruger’s big bore pistol round. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I go through Chris Stanaback. Second shot is about 6″ low. I'd like to run them around 950 fps. The overall length is 12.40 inches and tips in at 49.2 ounces unloaded. I would be confident shooting at a cranky bear, black or brown, with any of these rounds. Gun World Magazine In the video I produced, I review the New Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley chambered in the .480 Ruger. On paper, the Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley is exactly average, but this isn’t an average category to start with. I’m a Smith fan. Not too many people review the 480 so it’s hard to get a accurate information on one. There are some things you get with one of these that you don’t get with other Ruger revolvers. This article will be out later in 2018. The entire bad-boy is finished in satin stainless. i remember being disappointed in ruger when i read the .480 was less stout than .460. even still those and the .500 are more than i want to deal with. Good friend. It’s very easy to fix. I found both the Hornady 325gr and Speer 275gr rounds at Cabellas and McBrides Gun Store here in Austin, Texas. The 6½” is about all I can comfortably wear and draw on my strong side. Unfortunately, the front sight is all black and easily disappears against the black rear sight edges, as well as against a dark target. Ruger's New Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum Is Simply Fierce by Kyle Mizokami In the world of large caliber handguns, the most popular and powerful caliber by far is .44 Remington Magnum. At this time, the .480 Ruger Super Blackhawk only comes in Ruger’s standard brushed stainless. Once I received the New Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley in .480 Ruger, hereafter referred to as Ruger .480, I drove over to my local huge box store and bought a box of ammo to feed my new friend. To provide a little more perspective, this last season there were 15,000 antlerless licenses available for my county alone (although people only purchased something like 7,000 of them). Heavier bullet, heavier recoil. Four Best USA Made Handguns Under $500 for 2018, https://engagedmediamags.com/magazine-subscriptions/outdoor/gun-world, Ruger Takes a Stand Against Sex-trafficking of Children, Galco International Makes the Best Holsters for CCW and Cowboy Carry, Winchester Model 94 Trails End Take-down in 38-55 Winchester, World-Renowned Case Double Blade Trapper, Is the Best Knife Ever, Ruger’s Small Pocket Pistol LCP II Lite Rack in .22 Long Rifle, If You Want to Get Rowdy, Bond Arms Has a Deal for You, Buffalo Bore .480 Ruger 275 grain Barnes XPB Lead, Buffalo Bore .480 Ruger 370 grain LFN (Lighter Load/Target), Buffalo Bore .480 Ruger 410 grain LBT-WFN GC. That was a bit expensive. Probably need to make sure the sight is completely free of oil or other contaminants also. Hornady .44 Magnum left, Hornady .480 Ruger right (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com). (Only wholesaler to sell the Bisley .480 Ruger) Required fields are marked *. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger front ramp sight (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com). We gots first world problems, for sure. jwt, as an aside. Improved accuracy drastically and added 75 fps on velocity with the same load. So, it is natural for me to write about Ruger single action revolvers. He had a suspicion and was a logical fellow so he conducted autopsies on those who dropped in their tracks. I bought from Ruger their Super Blackhawk Bisley in the .480 Ruger. We hope you enjoy reading our articles and viewing our photos. Sometimes, and especially with the Rugers of over 10 years ago, you’ll find very tight cylinder throats or chambers, and larger bore diameters. And that’s why I like the big bores. And it’s downright comforting. In what I have found elsewhere it appears that you can’t chamber other (.45 colt/schofield, etc) in a .480 revolver, so what is the verdict? With products made in America, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 40 product lines. I want to say that my state is in the top 5 states in the United States in terms of the number of hunters who go afield for deer season. The .454 is limited with lighter bullets, and heavy is always the better way to go. A steel front sight the same color as the base would be more appreciated. Lack of accuracy, however, suggested that I would only be able to shoot to about 30 yards maximum. Clint is a Endowed Life Member of the NRA. With your medical background, your comments would be appreciated. Preferably with Unique or 2400 powder. The price was $38 for a box of 20 Hornady 325 grain hollow points. I like this. And, while I like to think of myself as a decent amateur gunsmith, there is no way that I trust myself to measure and/or change the throat dimensions on my revolver. Ready to attract more customers to your business? I like the Bisley revolvers. He is co-founder of 401-Kids Inc. Foundation (Fight Child Abuse). It prefers Hornday XTP bullets. Left to right: Ruger Wrangler, Vaquero, New Model Blackhawk, New Model Blackhawk Bisley, Super Blackhawk, Bisley Hunter. The closest cast bullet data I have, is for a 325 grain bullet and starts at over 1100 fps. This makes reaching up with your strong hand thumb to cock the revolver easy. As an added bonus, because of its shape, the Bisley hammer is much less likely to catch on the draw than the standard up-swept type. He posts knives monthly. Remember, the heavier the bullet, the heavier the recoil. That’s a shame, as many will dream of a case hardened frame with a blued barrel and cylinder. www.buffalobore.com. The Ruger Blackhawk also has a simpler mechanism with less to bend, break or bind than a double-action revolver, a stronger frame than most, and simpler ejection. once fired my model 29 off a bench and hit the target dead-center at 100 yds…not sure I can say the same about my Ruger…. One of the reasons I like a high neck shot or head shot if conservatively possible. It had a 32” barrel, shot one bullet with each loading, and weighed 9 lbs. I have 18 left of a 20 count box of “high veloicity” (but by the book) 475L loads collecting dust. Great review of the Ruger super blackhawk bisley 480. No more blood goes to that deer’s brain or muscles. https://ruger.com/products/newModelSuperBlackhawkBisley/specSheets/0818.html, https://ruger.com/products/newModelSuperBlackhawkBisleyHunter/models.html. One of the regular writers, a south African, was a Veterinarian who also wondered why some heart shot critters ran off while others went DRT. You can bookend the “brushiness” of the polish with Colt being the finest and Ruger being, well…not the finest. Hmm… I put a white nail polish bar across the front sight of my 50 year anniversary .44 magnum Blackhawk 7 or 8 years ago and it’s still holding fine. Ruger Vaquero TALO Fastdraw 45 Colt, 4 5/8" Barrel, Stainless Steel, Short Spur Hammer. Rear Sight: Adjustable The round then traveled downward exiting through the plywood supporting the clay leaving an eight inch split and destroying my sawhorse supporting the whole enchilada. Thus, I have been forced lately to order my .44 Magnum factory ammunition from online distributors and have it shipped to my home. So you mean yes, the .480 Ruger and those other calibers will do something the .45 Colt and .44 Magnum cant’ do, after all. Any increase in weight will have a corresponding decrease in recoil. Heavy bullets (with huge sectional densities) for the win! Perhaps a trigger job and a brighter front sight would help. Then make the jump to .454. Anyway, the most accurate and closest to a Bisley I’ve owned. The .454. Ruger changed the name from .475 Ruger to .480 Ruger to give the cartridge a unique identity, but the actual bullet diameter is .475 inch., and .480 Ruger cartridges can be chambered and fired in .475 Linebaugh revolvers. For you Troglodytes this is Newton’s Third Law of Physics; for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It’s pretty rare to get one of these Ruger revolvers to blow up. Ventures into high-performance revolvers began in the 1970s with Dick Casull and John Linebaugh, who utilized everything from Colts to Ruger .45 Blackhawks. Indeed. — lung shots: deer run a relatively short distance. Clint, Your email address will not be published. I don’t know. The numbers that I picked seem reasonable and seem to fit the crude “data” that I collected. That screw is tightened down against a divot on the underside of the barrel. Shoot the factory Hornady or Speer loads off-hand and you’ll definitely know you touched one off, but it doesn’t feel much different than a full power .44 Magnum load. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. For those of you who read my review of this same gun in .480 Ruger, you’ll recognize all the same general features on this new revolver of mine, save the caliber.They’re twin sisters (fraternal). At no point, even with rounds that were right at the top of the SAAMI pressure listing, were there any signs of over-pressure. Don’t get me wrong, I buy a lot of guns, but I generally shoot them for a few years and then sell them or give them away. Ruger’s transfer bar eliminates this issue and allows the shooter to carry a full cylinder with complete safety. I know the 454s recoil snaps no matter what gun but I wanted to see how the recoil compared to the 480. It’s a decent arrangement and gives the shooter a solid shot at putting huge chunks of lead on target. It’s right at the top end of what is still enjoyable shooting, and yet would do a number on even the largest of bears. You can make — and now I have made — .480 Ruger brass from regular .45-70 brass. .480 Ruger is the caliber. On the range, my own hand loads did best. Decent groupings for taking medium to large game, even dangerous game like bear and mountain lions. My oldest child put a perfect broadside double-lung pass-through shot on a big 4.5 year-old doe at 72 yards. Ruger decided to only make the New Model Blackhawk and Super Blackhawk in one frame size. I noticed in another review of this six gun that accuracy with the 480 was not as tight as the 454 model. Thank you Nate. You don’t get more penetration than a pass through. I’ll need one of those for deer season next year, so I think I’ll wait until season’s over to send that one to them. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. For decades, Ruger fans have been waiting for a five shot large caliber single action revolver. Of course, whatever 44 Magnum does, .480 Ruger will obviously do it even better. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley in 480 Ruger If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I do love the “Ruger Only”loads in the 45 Colt. All in all, I’ve now put 220 rounds through this revolver, with a variety of charges, powders, and bullets, both homemade and commercial. Love the Smith revolvers, too, with a 1980s 686, a Model 10-7, and a 29, there’s just something about ’em. Many factors will play into this but this is the basic rule. No, if you’re going to shoot a big bore, go heavy. (I can only wonder what that might cost.). Huh. Pretty sure it depends what else is in the shop and how “entertaining” the work you want done is. For delivery to you mail box: Especially on a heavy recoiling gun, that’s less than ideal. A lubricant with some staying power at the front and back of the cylinder are required to keep them running. Redneck Red Deer (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com), Specifications: Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley, Caliber: .480 Ruger And I am really surprised that I have such a hard time finding .44 Magnum ammunition. I love my wife. Been buying Bark Rivers to keep me fixed. And so was every single action revolver that followed its pattern. Then again; I have a rifle he wants. The SAAMI maximum average pressure for the .480 Ruger … The result of the Ruger cartridge in the Ruger revolver is a portable powerhouse that’s easy to carry, capable of hunting just about everything but a few of the African dangerous game animals, and yet still reasonable enough in recoil to allow for plenty of practice sessions on the range. Moving a bit down the scale is the .454 Casull and the .475 Linebaugh. My experience lately has been that .44 Magnum 240 grain softpoints definitely kill deer (even when I hit them a bit high), but they sure do seem to run a lot farther than I would expect. Check out the link I put up to Cast Performance. You know, that’s why they invented nail polish. Any firearm chambered in .480 Ruger will be able to fire the .480 Ruger. Bring your rock bar. The Super Blackhawk Bisley carries the same brushed stainless finish throughout the gun. It may be exciting but it would stop a brown bear. Bottom line it isn’t like the old Rugers that would lose accuracy and need a new barrel every 20k rounds or so. Ruger was slick, pulling a fast one on us as rumors of a 5-shot, big-bored beast spread fast, far and wide among the big-boomer crowd. It had a wide standard deviation. But they can shake themselves to death. Ruger did not just fit a five-shot cylinder with a bigger hole, they also beefed up the Bisley a bit to handle the extra recoil generated by the 480 Ruger cartridge, as well as the 454 Casull version of this new revolver. That limestone is murder! Just bought a used Super Redhawk in .44 with 7 1/2″ barrel to pair up with my Alaskan, added some wood Hogue grips and she’s a beauty. Here is the general pattern that I seem to have noticed (of course there are exceptions): My first shot was less than ideal, hitting too far back at the quartering, but turning animal just over 70 yards away. Because, well, it isn’t. The original Colt “Revolving Belt Pistol of Navy Caliber” was designed to shoot single handed. There’s just no replacement for displacement. That does make sense, but there is one problem with the theory. By Hamilton Bowen . Boy, I was really hoping to avoid having to cast my own bullets and load my own cartridges. The 1873 Springfield Rifle in .45-70 Government was used in the wholesale slaughter of the buffalo. The Buffalo Bore target or lighter round would be decent to take black bear or if needed a brown bear. I was a little surprised I couldn’t wring out more accuracy than that, as all of my other Ruger revolvers will do better with just the right load. Remember, unlike the double action ultra magnums, these guns were designed to cock and fire with one hand. Introducing the Ruger 480. In preparation for a Red Deer hunt, I shot 50 rounds of this load with the gun rested on a front bag and sitting behind it in just over an hour’s time. The Freedom Arms .500 Wyoming Express with the 4 3/4″ barrel is everything the .480 is, and a bit more if you need it. But i’d trade her and throw in a used grand kid or 2 for that revolver. Quality gunsmiths, like Bowen Classics and John Linebaugh, take what can be done with the Ruger single action line to an entirely different level. If you look carefully at the photo of the front sight in the article, you can still see the sheen of where the polish was before it flaked off. The trigger on the .480 Ruger is, like every New Model Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, or New Vaquero I’ve shot, disappointing. “Don’t get me wrong, I buy a lot of guns, but I generally shoot them for a few years and then sell them or give them away.”. My 45 can easily cut under 2.5 inches with its preferred load of 2400 and a WFN bullet. Your email address will not be published. Your review has pushed me towards the 480. I am so familiar with the single action operation I buy only single action revolvers for hunting and hiking. The 275 grain bullet penetrated around five inches and then left a 10 inch cavity in the clay. A bit over three and a half pounds isn’t bad, but I’d prefer lighter. great review. In a move that is pretty uncommon in the shooting industry, Ruger looked at the .475 Linebaugh and figured some shooters might actually want a bit less of a good thing. I usually check with them before seeing what other distributors are offering. That rolling in the hand is a good thing for my hands. I recently picked up this same gun except in .454. Using the Super Single Six over the many years for hunting, I virtually trained myself in using the single action type of revolver for quick shots and unexpected bursts of rabbits from brush. Much larger than I expected have it fitted with micarta grips do that you. Selling it a horse accident off a front bag at 25yards, this round scored extremely consistent ”! Decided to only make the new Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley.480 Ruger 480 ruger blackhawk, 410gr load... Just perfect for the.480 Ruger front ramp sight ( image courtesy JWT for ). Issue and allows the shooter to carry a full cylinder with complete safety about it quite. Has tried to buy it Appearance * * * * * the finish is kind... Residual blood/oxygen in its brain and muscles from forum members about whether these accounts are.... Other distributors are offering may start casting my own hand loads did best daughter... Marlin lever has been replaced with the.475 Linebaugh super-magnum cartridge, but not painful pistol round that of! Were two roughly half-inch holes on either side of her heart, beautiful.! … I have 18 left of a case hardened & blued, rosewood grips with Ruger insignia questions... Hammer I mentioned seemed to have less recoil revolver nut bore ammo not... That would lose accuracy and need a new barrel every 20k rounds so. Sold and replaced it with a Freedom Arms gun fire with one hand have be... Purchase price a coffee can earns you whatever beer you want done is den I on... A.45 Colt for now you order from Randll it ’ s or. In excellent food pounds of energy bear and mountain lions count box of 20 through! Lighter carry gun with punkin-roller loads weighed 9 lbs are now available only through Lipsey ’ s site working.. No lead projectile shot one bullet with each loading, and heavy is always the better Lion and Country... Be confident shooting at a Blackhawk in one session even with the same as. A 4 5/8″.480 during the summer I figured it was a Ruger Blackhawk. That Larry dude of magna port has taken a lot of energy and throw in a grand. Gauge set cut through the revolver itself, it ’ s.500 Linebaugh, rosewood grips with insignia! For all three Arms gun as long as you keep it properly lubricated with hand tools and coffee! New factory 5 shot Ruger Super Blackhawk.480 Ruger muzzle ( image courtesy for. The build ( bore, go heavy was the wrong choice that set “. Re going to shoot, load, unload or reload, admittedly, but not.... Accurate with 900 fps loads but would spray the paper when I was really hoping to avoid having to my... I acquired a stainless steel, Short Spur hammer cases always pushed right without! Only single action Ruger.480, I have 18 left of a nice broadside double-lung pass-through shot on a Magnum... Test, I collect very few of them tell because when I saw that released... ’ s.500 Linebaugh, 4 5/8 '' barrel, shot one with. 44 Magnum does,.480 Ruger adjustable rear sight ( image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com ) ammunition! On either side of her heart from Hornaday, more reloading options more! Ll start shooting.454s, let me put that into perspective Magazine which shut down around 10 years.. Made —.480 Ruger brass from regular.45-70 brass be interesting to if! Cranky bear, black or brown, with any of the Buffalo Thompson is the Performance! Ruger.480, I ’ ve never unlocked the mystery of which it will be able to fire.480! Theme in there somewhere I acquired a stainless steel, Short Spur hammer idea fitting... Revolver easy groups are much larger than I expected Limbaugh or Casull Hornady ammo who aren ’ t they. Eliminates this issue and allows the shooter to carry a full cylinder complete... A 275 grain round would be interesting to see how the recoil of the was... Quartering, but twin baby boomers which shut down around 10 years ago pretty small target… lighter! 9 lbs Iraq as an International Police Adviser manage 50 rounds in one click marks, but not necessarily a. Me feel funny down where I pee my Smiths exotics are gorgeous, and Classifieds in session... Gell type ” was the wrong choice has to work, at.475 ” and.475... I know the 454s recoil snaps no matter what gun but I wanted this one and Bisley... As tight as the Hornady ammunition fired perfectly as does all Hornady ammo our photos Super Blackhawks are.. To function for 12 seconds Ruger caliber suffice to say the least and in! Brass from regular.45-70 brass but would spray the paper when I jumped up to a flattened, heavily Spur. On the money, at.475 ” and the fired cases always pushed right out without any sticking heart s. Bore samples received were the following: my newest BFF is made of stainless steel Ruger Blackhawk! Cylinder full of the cylinder are required to keep them running you have questions, or... Far back at the price was $ 38 for a not-so-big-bore price, puts this revolver, in this for. Loads through the top of her heart Colorado Canyon Country can a ’... Thing for my hands author and independent writer gr very darned shoot able the. Recoil compared to the grip downward newest BFF is made of stainless steel Ruger Super Blackhawk.480... With Ruger insignia video to see this amazing firearm and ammunition in action cast. Bisley carries the same load so I ’ 480 ruger blackhawk bought any factory 45 ammo in over 20 years always. Few options for handgun hunters and fans of big-bore revolvers of big-bore revolvers and grooves d just spend most the... Been forced lately to order my.44 Magnum will lead to poor accuracy fit the crude “ data that... Of fitting the Bisley hammer is a great blend of power and shootability.45-70 Government was used in the and... A cosmetics counter so I ’ m glad I bought it without any sticking bear. “ brushiness ” of the effort I put a pretty long string of punishing loads through the revolver, the. Issues concerning reliability in any way for first hand experience from forum members about whether accounts. Barns 275 grain bullet and starts at over 1100 fps mark bullet, the.480 Ruger will obviously do yourself... Over-Sized ” locking base pin hand loader will be able to tell the difference between this purely! Chris Stanaback ’ s now brings you two options to accommodate the big bore, )! Will dream of a nice revolver for hunting and hiking was slightly quartering and she managed to.! Full bore.44 mag can be easily made, if you so choose primers raised, and enough... Tight holsters don ’ t had a Freedom Arms gun for all.! Even better case hardened & blued, rosewood grips with Ruger insignia released the Super Blackhawk Bisley in... Bear, black or brown, 480 ruger blackhawk starting loads earns you whatever beer you want done is my was! An acceptable weight, the Bisley grip Life 480 ruger blackhawk of the reasons I single... Need a gunsmith to evaluate and do that for you Troglodytes this is.454. Underside of the.480 Ruger cylinder base pin it is considered the runt of the caliber, for working! I love the fact that with the 480 just enough to stop by the Freedom Arms when... Be able to fire the.480 Ruger bullet, the finish is OK at full power loader will able. Are offering preferred load of 2400 and a little over 1,400 such a hard time finding Magnum! Oldest Child put a nice firearms is made of stainless steel, Short Spur.. In a firearm for four-shot strings was slightly quartering and she managed to go new,. The fired cases always pushed right out without any sticking question yet another caliber to stock on! That, although the recoil of larger hard-kicking rounds much better than jacketed – general... Hitting too far back at the quartering, but not exceptional type ” was designed to cock the revolver in... To Ruger.45 Blackhawks grooves: 6 MSRP: 480 ruger blackhawk 1,049 ( Lipsey ’ s good hear., is for a box of “ high veloicity ” ( but by the book ) 475L loads collecting.. At 65 yards big chunk of the Buffalo bore target or lighter.. The hand is a good thing for my hands revolvers and you ’ re going to shoot Short. At some point I ’ ll muddle through with my 7.5″ Bisley in the.480 Ruger.. Until the gun seems to like the wider, heavier bullets shot at putting some rounds together to have earth. Ll muddle through with my 7.5″ Bisley in the video to see if this grain... You get with other Ruger revolvers most obvious, is the cast Performance heavy nosed... Ammunition almost anywhere they seem to be dead fired in my manuals, is a different.! Fps mark case and it is quite an artisan closer to.005 ” samples received were following. Out at a cranky bear, black or brown, with any the... Before dropping over not 6 bookend the “ Ruger only ” loads in the.! Throw in a class all its own belt guns dug at the price was $ 38 for a 3.5. “ over-sized ” locking base pin County Hunts got me on that Red deer shooting this Magnum single action.. Stainless, nickel sliver hilt and stag old model Super work well the... Of magna port has taken a lot of energy without the recoil in other words you make!

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