Drawing projects

Notes on Movement

Movement of the body in architectural spaces is based on the designed plan constructed by the architects. There’s not much escape from the designed plan and everyone creates similar walking patterns and performing on set guidelines. Responding to that, Notes on Movement started with experiencing body as a generator of both understanding and producing the drawing in architectural spaces.



Notes on Movement #1
Graphite on Mylar
Let’s Proceed in Parts, Instituto Cervantes
The drawing was done in 2012-2013 and is approximately 95’ in length and is akin to frame by frame animation. The length of the drawing and the movement within the drawing invites the viewer to move forth and back. The pattern with in the drawing starts and end on the same frame, with slow transitory movement in between changing slowly frame by frame. Per frame movement in the drawing is only noticeable after passing by few frames. The drawing thus generates a certain movement forth and back within 95’ long distance and creates another pattern to move within the set conditions of the space.

Notes on Movement #2
Artist process, 1after320
The drawing was performed in a space where the space and its constraint parameters becomes the generator of constraint forms, and body becomes the medium to create and erase the drawing simultaneously. Drawing is based on the set of precise instructions, both clockwise and anticlockwise, creating basic geometric forms in a rhythmic pattern.

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