On Site

On site work is an inquiry around perception and cognition in architectural spaces branching out through “drawing in space” and “site conditioned installations”, where a certain site and its structural elements becomes material to work around.

Drawing in space is an ongoing site specific drawing project based on the spatial narrative of the site, focusing on the question of perception through lines and forms in built environment. It poses itself as “drawing as a spatial exploration poised somewhere between installation and abstract line drawing” revolving around the question of “what happens when a line leaves paper and enters space”. It revolves around the idea of pure space in its geometrical conception of place. Space is a boundless entity but in architectural realm it has boundaries, and in there it inhabits itself within its own self. Through this proposition, the work creates the experience of illusion of lines, forms and geometry. It moves from the dynamics of “looking at” to “moving in”. Every time a new site with its unique spatial narratives and conditions, guide the work both conceptually and body dynamics, resulting in drawing in space as architectural intervention and spatial exploration – site specific, temporary, ephemeral installation based on the language of line.

The process of drawing in space revolves around line as the subject, but after entering and working on site, psychology of the space makes in situ a phenomenological act. Working on site raises the question on perception, of how a particular place / space informs the way we see. How a spatial intervention changes our perception of each individual space, as well our perception of ourselves in that space.

This leads to site conditioned installations which engages with examining the relationship between architectural spaces and specific structural elements in those spaces, further locating perceptual questions on how do we perceive the environment we inhabit and what happens when a subtle shift is made in the very space which we have been experiencing in a certain way. Does that subtle shift make us question our knowledge or our knowing and how?

It focuses around following conditions of the site –

  • Elements in the space to become active participant in the work.
  • Understanding the lines of the space, the geometry it creates, the illusion of angles and perspectives.
  • Lines in the space to become the part of the work.
  • Breaking the monotony of the straight lines – of the space – within the space.
  • A line is a point taken for a walk.

The process is the intervention within the space, without occupying any particular space.

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