Metaprism With Ar. Madhav Raman
Shrine Empire Gallery I New Delhi

Metaprism is a collaborative work between Parul Gupta and Ar. Madhav Raman. The work was made out of conversations between the two for a group exhibition “Spatial Dialogues” between artists and architects.

The initial conversation between me and Madhav raised the immediacy of questioning material, technologies and media. The dynamics which has anchored “Metaprism” are the engagement with geometrical forms and light which are precincts in our individual practices, elaborate material exploration and the site conditions. The material here- glass/mirror- holds the “phenomenological reflexivity” and has the agency to anchor the viewer and shift the focus from object to subject. – Parul Gupta

Beginning as an exercise in interrogating material and spatialising geometries, the process Parul and I undertook culminates in a geometrisation of light by forming a pure material binary between the reflective and the transparent. “Metaprism” can also be read within our individual practices of ongoing explorations in media/material clarity, alignments to site-specific contexts, territorialities and subjectivities. The work is intended to draw infinite, site-specific geometries from its exterior and fracture them into infinite volumetric speculations within itself. – Madhav Raman

Year – 2021