Drawing Lab I 2016 I 2020

Set of instructions –

Gupta executed a drawing on paper in 2013 which runs 26’ long horizontally. Later in 2016, she converted that drawing into a “set of instructions” by breaking it down in a basic language involving numbers. From there on she has been inviting practitioners of numbers/ architecture, music and other creative forms to respond to these “set of instructions” as per their interpretation and in their chosen media.

Drawing Lab1 I With Hemant SK I 2016

1After320 I New Delhi

Title- PGX [ parul gupta xerox ]

Medium - Executable Code

“The composition takes an instruction set by Parul Gupta and attempts to recreate the essence of her original composition through an executable set of commands in Processing. Beyond recreating just a high-fidelity version of PG’s original work, this version attempts to compress certain aspects and expand certain other aspects of the time dimension in slow sequential decay through the noise function” 

Drawing Lab 2 I With rED Studio Architects I 2020

rED Studio I Mumbai

Metaprism I 2021

Metaprism I With Ar. Madhav Raman I 2021

Shrine Empire Gallery I New Delhi

Metaprism is a collaborative work between Parul Gupta and Ar. Madhav Raman. The work was made out of conversations between the two for a group exhibition “Spatial Dialogues” between artists and architects.


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