Durational Drawing 2

Durational Drawing questions “time as space” where marking on paper was based on a mechanical act of repetition and at the sane time documenting time. The drawing was made with in a period of 10 continuous days from 10am to 5pm each day. The work later was divided into 5 parts.

Durational Drawing departs from my pre existing concerns on drawing – “Drawing on paper reflects a series of concerns prompted by repetitive action both fuelled by internal (somatic & psychic) and external (drawing & environment) phenomena simultaneously. While making repetitive patterns using the line as form, both mind and body is engaged as machine – moving in methodical, rhythmical motion – mind in a confined space, while the body aided by two tools (pen & ruler) that while making the straight line endures the pain, heightened by the awareness of the self, the surface and the activity.”

Durational Drawing 2 was made for a project space for India Art Fair in 2017

Medium – Ink on Archival Paper
Year – 2017
Photo Courtesy – Ratna Khanna