Extension In Space 1
Extension In Space 2

Extending the Line

“Extending The Line” is a progressive series of photographs, drawings, extension in space and installation in a linear manner.

The first work of photographs is an encounter of daylight with time and structural elements in the space which produces interaction of lines, forms, gradation and shapes. These photographs are compositions constructed by light in a particular space at a particular time added with conscious awareness to look at them as drawings. While making these, question like “what is drawing?” started to occur. Does the medium define a drawing or other elements like line, form, shade, structure defines drawing? The interest in these lines and forms also raised the question of presence and absence/ real and unreal. The photographs are not suggesting much about the built environment but highlighting the construction of forms and tonal variations, which seems to get visually constraint.

The questions on drawing and visual constraint nature of photographs lead to extend parts of the photographs in the form of line on paper. The extension in the form of black and white lines are responding to the photographic composition and empty space of the paper. The lines drawn are suggestive of spatial exploration of the paper as well.

Extension in space is in response to “how space produces modes of thinking around drawing”. It also brings the viewer in direct touch with the tactile line – its shadow and form. It not only extends from the drawing on paper but the space too guide its movement.

Photographs – Digital Print on Hahnemühle Paper I 2013
Drawings – Oil Pastel and Digital Print on Archival Paper I 2013
Extension in Space – Thread, Nails and Permanent Marker on wall I 2015