75 cm x 55 cm
Cyanotype Print on Hot Press Archival Paper
Single Edition

The works were made for the exhibition Prussian Blue.

Prussian Blue is the first modern synthetic pigment made as a product of chemical reaction. It has a vast body and considerable transparency. After its invention and its combination with photosensitive paper (known as Cyanotype Printing), it was widely used to make prints and photocopies by photographers, engineers and architects. These photocopies, white marks on blue ground, became known as blue print.

For the works in the exhibition “Prussian Blue”, I used the same cyanotype printing process of chemical application, exposure under UV light and washing off the paper with regular water. The exposure time under UV light determines different values of the color.

The intent is to experience multiple values of the same color simultaneously through the process of layering. Since the color has tremendous tinting strength and the ability to create subtle tones, the interplay between the layers creates a range of values within each work.

Image Courtesy – Kiran Nadar Museum of Art and Paras Shail