Sarai Reader 09 I Site Specific I 2012 - 2013
Devi Art Foundation I Gurgaon

Curated by RAQS Media Collective

Project Note – The project for Sarai Reader 09 was a site specific project which intend to engage with the poetics of architectural space of Devi Art Foundation, without physically occupying any space. The works made were exploration in thinking through drawing in different media focused on line. The engagement starts from line leaving the paper and enters space. Following points were the guides to navigate through different spaces and works made during the period of 3 months-

– Focus area to be existing structures (frames, shadows, existing works), corners, columns.

– Elements in the space to become active participants in the work.

– Understanding the lines of the space, the forms it creates, the illusion of angles and perspectives.

– Breaking the monotony of the straight line in the space.

– Drawing as a spatial exploration poised somewhere between installation and abstract line drawing.

– A line is a point taken for a walk

Following spaces were activated during 3 months project-

Cyber-Mohalla Hub
Cyber-Mohalla Hub was an existing work which was further inhabited by activation sections of it through drawing in space.

Medium – Fishnet Wire and Permanent Marker

Project Room
The window in the project room was initially painted black which I repainted white for the next work – pen and hair drawing.

Medium – Ink, Glue and human Hair

First Floor Passage

Medium – Insulation Tape on Floor

Ground Floor Gallery

The ground floor gallery was already activated by the scaffolding structure which I further inhabited by using light as one of the materials. I used transparent tape to build a drawing on the scaffolding and light to create shadow on wall. The work challenged the viewer to understand the possibility of one object, one light source but two shadows. The angular shadow on the wall is transparent tape which gives the illusion of shadow from a distance.

Medium – Transparent Tape on Scaffolding and Wall