Space; Underscore I Solo Project and Site Specific I 2020
Presented by Farah Siddique Khan and team rED Studio, rED Studio, Mumbai

The project was a container of four different works – Site Specific, collaboration with studio assistants on Drawing Lab, presenting Durational Drawing 2 project and works on paper & painted aluminium sculptures.

Site Specific – The work is Gupta’s ongoing enquiry in architectural spaces, where she constructs the work responding to the space. The given conditions of the site guides the work and hence the work becomes part of the space. Here she etched the dilapidated wall in one of the courtyards of the studio where other three walls were based on a grid structure. Responding to the grid structure, she etched the wall in similar twisted form.

The work is produced by team rED Studio

Drawing Lab

Durational Drawing 2


Press Release by Anuj Daga

While Newton believed that smaller masses in space are fundamentally attracted into the gravitational “pull” of the heavier ones, Einstein suggests that objects essentially experience a spatial “push” that determines their movement and relative position concerning each other. Parul Gupta’s works are tensioned between the above “push” and “pull” of space, characterized in her experiments with the practice of drawing. In her sensitive perception that is intuitively moved by the silent suggestions of shifting lights, shadows, events and perspectives, Gupta essentially morphs space into a dynamic entity. Through her works, one can consider several scientific as well as perceptual registers of space- time at once, that get translated into drawings, sculptures and site-specific interventions. In doing so, Gupta underscores her works not simply as an aesthetic preoccupation, instead as a fertile field of knowledge.

A series of squares set within meticulous grids destabilise our modes of perception. Stable tilts, deviating parallels, unidentical equals and accurate unfits characterize these works. On a deeper gaze, seemingly stable Cartesian space begins to appear warped. Is one cheated into a perceptual labyrinth or has one entered a space of distortion? Gently diverging lines of the substratum and the surface leave one thinking about their inter-spatial relationships. The solid squares leap out of the paper, the drawings take one deeper into the infinitum of the grid. In this tension, the viewer is challenged on his/her grounds of rationality.

Gupta’s works index and overlap several spatiotemporal graphs that invite closer investigation. Densities of space created in folding, releasing, splitting, dissecting, fading or strengthening lines within an imagined continuum narrates numerous stories. Are these scores waiting to be sounded into music, or are these barcodes of a number yet to be counted? Are these the unfolded scales of early observatories that were built to map the cartography of the skies; or are these seismographic charts that mark the tectonic shifts to which our everyday gets attuned on ground? Are they streams of microwaves within which we are inevitably swimming or the rhythms of a pulsating organ emanating from within the body? As we consider these questions within the artist’s finely drafted lines, encompassing poetry of mathematics begins to emerge.

What does a line want to be? Perhaps in Gupta’s practice, this question is in-exhaustive. The lines take multifarious forms creating degrees of opacity and translucency, rigidity and movement. Gupta demonstrates that her lines are continually breathing and have an agency of their own. They fold the viewers within forces of space to guide them into gentle action. Her works are orchestrations of line assemblies that do not limit themselves within the bounds of the frame. Instead, they speak to its edges and even bargain to enter from outside or escape from within them. It is here that her serious constructions assume an emancipatory quality of play and find their planes of engagement with the observer.

Installation Courtesy – Team Red Studio