Space Phrases I Solo Exhibition I 2014
Lakeeren Gallery I Mumbai


Press Release

Space Phrases, her debut solo show in Mumbai, India, Gupta exhibits her recent drawings, photographs and video. Her enquiry slides from line as a language in itself, to the line becoming the medium to engage with the shifting dynamic of space. The medium of line converses with the space both by recognising its existing architectural alignment, as well as finding newer sites of subtle insertions and realignments from within. Gupta’s enquiry in regards the line started with witnessing her fallen hair, as organic line, and there after building comparisons with straight lines drawn by pen on wall. While the line drawn by hair didn’t find its way further, the straight line went on responding to architectural spaces and other built spatial ambiences. This process led her engagement to travel from the paper and enter into different kind of spaces, through site responsive drawings and installations.


Installation Courtesy- Team Lakeeren Gallery